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I look far beyond the short term horizons and place my clients’ needs above a billing target.  A long term client is always better than a short term one no matter how much money you can get from them.


In the same way that the service is tailored to your needs, so is the way I charge.  I'm open to new ideas but have found that generally clients choose one of three types of mechanisms or a combination of them.


I can work with you on a retainer basis for an agreed number of hours per month operating remotely, which means that you know what your legal costs will be each month.  I can also agree fixed amounts for one off pieces of work.  However, you may prefer to stick to the familiar fee structure of an hourly rate, but would like to pay less for the time you're currently using or get more time for your money. 


The charges represent a saving of up to 50% of the hourly rates of an adviser of commensurate experience at a commercial/corporate firm in the North West and reflect that I have no unnecessary overheads and no people to pay when they’re not working.


The charges are lower than normal but the service exceeds the norm, it is bespoke, distinctive and exclusive.

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