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In House Lawyer was born out of my desire to provide a flexible and supportive ‘in house’ service to a small number of clients with the level of involvement, quality of work and the business focused response that they require. Having worked within the culture of a number of 'traditional' law firms where the focus is on billing targets and marketing for new clients and also as an in-house lawyer with its focus on swift, commercial and plain English advice on a range of matters, I knew I could offer the same level of expertise as a law firm but with a bespoke, exclusive product which would give clients the benefits of an in-house lawyer but on a freelance basis.


In House Lawyer is an exclusive legal service with strong ideals and a bespoke approach. My values and philosophies permeate through everything I do to ensure I constantly meets my clients’ and my own high demands.  I'm not satisfied with simply following the path set by law firms.  The task of an adviser may be to give you legal advice but it is how they do that that demonstrates their uniqueness. My service is bespoke to your needs and wishes rather than you fitting into a broader, generic offering.  I provide excellence and individuality.  I do not sit on the fence but give clear, commercial advice.  Advice from a traditional law firm often tells you want you can’t do, I tell you what you can do for your business and the risks involved, so that you can make an informed commercial decision. I will not act for your competitors.  I want to achieve your trust and for you to involve me as part of your team. I want to become your company’s personal legal adviser.


I provide a distinctive service that understands that my business fits around your business. I understand that for you every day is a work day and for me it is too. I know that the ‘legal stuff’ isn’t the core of your business and you fit it in around the important matters when you can and that isn't always during the normal working day.  That’s why weekends, evenings, different timezones are of no consequence to me.  I take holidays but like you I don't stop working and am always just a phone call or mail away.  You don't get passed to a deputy with holiday notes.  I provide the commitment and availability of employing your own in-house lawyer with the legal and financial benefits of a freelancer.


I am not a law firm; you will always deal with the same person, me. Your needs will dictate how, when and where the service is provided to you. I'm not seeking to become the biggest or to bill the most.  The focus on delivering an excellent personal service means I have to limit the number of clients I have so that the high standards of service do not slip.  My past and present clients would be happy to share with you their experience of using the In House Lawyer service.

My vision is to become a part of your team by providing a flexible and supportive service with spirit, flair, clarity, drive, instinctive intelligence and teamwork. My reputation rests on my experience, skills, focus on performance and passion for excellence. 

Sector expertise:

Supply chain and logistics

Computer & Technology




Focusing on advice in the following areas:

Commercial contracts

Shareholder agreements

Joint ventures

Acquisitions and disposals


Information technology

Legal audits

Preparation of data rooms

Day to day in house counsel matters

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